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Can I make a mortgage claim?

Home owners like you are currently claiming £1000's due to their mortgage being mis-sold or badly advised. The mortgage was unsuitable for their needs and they have found themselves stuck in an interest only mortgage and/or they have ended up in financial difficulty. These negligent brokers were also likely to have received hidden commissions too which you weren't made aware of.

If you have taken out a mortgage after 1995 and before 2014, there is a chance you may have been mis-sold. We can check if you qualify in minutes and estimate how much you could claim. If you qualify then we can help you win back the compensation you deserve on a no win, no fee basis. Discussing your claim with one of our expert advisors is FREE and there is no obligation to proceed.

Reasons you can make a claim

  • I had an interest only mortgage
  • I had bad credit at the time
  • I consolidated loans, credit cards or debt
  • My mortgage ends/ended after my retirement
  • I used a mortgage adviser/broker

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Are you entitled to compensation?

Bad advice was received

Within FCA regulations and rules it states that brokers and lenders must ensure the mortgage is affordable for you, not only at the start of the mortgage, but throughout the term and even where the mortgage takes you into retirement.

It was an interest only mortgage

If you were only paying the interest on your mortgage each month, then the advisor should have made you aware how you would repay your mortgage when it finished, they should have also made sure it was affordable and you could repay it.

You had bad credit at the time

The broker or adviser should have carefully assessed your affordability and carried our necessary checks before putting you into the mortgage. They should not have consolidated bad debt, credit cards or loans into this mortgage.

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